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“Yoga is an inner journey towards one’s true self. ”

It is on this land that this form of art has developed and evolved over generations. Millions of seekers visit India from all over the world to learn yoga, for the purpose of learning, teaching and self-transformation.

Yoga helps to acquire the strength, the capacity to manage the illness or imbalances of life. With regular practice it helps in improving the certain physiological or psychological conditions. We at Chaitanya Yoga Foundation understand the need and have carefully designed the course to provide optimum health of body and mind.

We at CYF not only teach safe Asanas but also guides and helps students to incorporate Yoga in everyday schedule for balanced life. We work on powerful adjustments while safely teaching students the depths of each Asanas, and not losing the essence of it.

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training is a foundation course, registered with Yoga Alliance USA. The course is designed in the most comprehensive way matching the International Specifications, which includes Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Philosophy. Mark your start of Yoga journey with our highly skilled teachers and immerse yourself in remarkable experience. After successful completion of course, the trainees are provided 200 hours certificate by CYF. Also CYF continues to provide post training support after completion of course in their Yoga Teaching Career.


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Steady and comfortable should be the posture.

yoga Sutra 46/2


“Tasminsati śvāsapraśvāsa yorgativich chhedaḥ prāṇāyāmaḥ”
Pranayama is the cessation of the movement of inhalation and exhalation.
Yog Sutra 49/2


“Brahamdwarmukhe suptam mudrabhyasam samcharet”
Mudra should be practiced to awaken the powerful goddess (Kundalini).

-Hath Pradipika 3/5


“Bandhah kuto darunkalpashat”

There is no death, by perfection of bandh.

-Yogtaravali 5


“Tatra pratyayaikatānatā dhyānam”

Uninterrupted stream of the content of consciousness is dhyana.

Yog Sutra 3/2


“Darshyate anen iti darshanam”

The meaning of philosophy is to see, that is, to have an attitude towards life and world.

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We are offering 200hrs and 500hrs Yoga Mentor training course follows high quality standards Yoga lifestyle and Ethics with other traditional and modern yoga techniques. Discover the colors of Incredible India with daily Yoga practice in our Retreat programs – Join us to know more about you through Chaitanya (Consciousness / Intelligence / Relaxation) and handle yourself better.





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The trainings are multi-style and you will learn and practice Hatha Vinyasa (flow)
and Yoga.


Mermatherapy, Learn An Ancient Ayurveda Concept of Pressure Therapy and it's impact on yoga aasans

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The trainings are multi-style and you will learn to Relax Your Mind in daily life
and regain energy for activities.

20 Jun 2019

40 Days | Start on 10th Every Month

200 Hour Yoga Course

05 Sep 2020

4 Days | Start on 5th Sep

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20 Jan 2021

3 Days | Start on 15th Every Month

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Our Indian and western teachers are highly qualified and will be happy to share this
spiritual journey with you.

Mr. Kapil Dev Kesari
Yoga Mentor
Mrs. Anshu Singh
Yoga Mentor
Mrs. Anupama
Yoga Mentor
Ms. Anita
Yoga Intern

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